Call for Award

Application for the Biopolymer Innovation Award 2025

The non-profit promotion association POLYKUM is looking for the most groundbreaking new developments in the field of bio-based and biodegradable plastics.

Call for Award

Please read the invitation to apply before completing the form.

Call for Award

Call for Award

Applicant/ Contact details
Applicant & Contact details
Company/ Institution
Description of the Innovation
(multiple selection possible)
(e.g. environmental or/and user’s problems? Can your solution improve existing products, materials or engineering applications? What are the advantages of your solution? etc.)
Have expectations been met? Were there any improvements?
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Bei Problemen können Sie sich gerne an uns wenden:



Fördergemeinschaft für Polymerentwicklung und Kunststofftechnik
Peter Putsch
Brandisstraße 4
06217 Merseburg


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